What are the “LOMO” cameras?

There’s many other Lomography cameras out there than just the original LC-A Lomo (a few of these I personally have as well) such as:

Diana F+ (in many special editions)

I have this one in pink together with the 35mm Back, Flash and the Diana F+ Splitzer:

Diana F+ Lomography Camera in Pink

mini Diana (again many special editions)

Holga 135 BN

Holga 135 PC

I have this one in a classic black:

Lomography Pinhole Camera Holga 135 PC

Lomo Fed (many of those)

Lomo Lubitel (a couple of different ones of these)

Lomo LC-A (original USSR version – no longer produced, discontinued in 2005)

I have this one in it’s original edition:

Lomo LC-A, lomo camera, Russian camera

Lomo LC-A+ (new Chinese version)

Zenit, Zorki (beautiful!) and Kiev (different versions)

Oktomat, Pop 9, Supersampler and Actionsampler (many again)

Fisheye One and No.02

– Lomography Spinner 360


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