More analogue photos from Williamsburg, NYC

All photos taken with an original 1979 Pentax Super ME. Film used is FUJI Superia – between 200 and 800 ISO.

little shop on bedford avenue williamsburg new york

Gorgeous old-school jams in vintage jam jars in a little delicatesse store off Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, New York City.

bedford avenue williamsburg new york

I loved these colourful beads in a shop front on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, NYC. Had to snap it!

bedford avenue williamsburg new york

The guy in the mask just freaked me out, like some sort of bad episode of CSI New York. Obviously also off of Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, NYC.

Israel my love…we met again…

dolphinarium nightclub memorial on tel aviv beach

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” – Marcus Tulius Cicero (106-43 BC).
“Remember that the truest love, is one where your love for each other is greater than your need for each other.”

having a beer on the beach in telaviv

walking on the beach in tel aviv israel banana beach to frischman beach

“I was born to love only you; my soul has formed you to its measure.

All that I have, I owe to you; for you I was born, for you I live, for you I must die, and for you I give my last breath.”

– Garcilaso de la Vega

Concerto Wine – from Clos de la Barbanne

Concerto wine is the wonderful wine made by Laurent & Annie Gerber in their vineyards around the family B&B called Clos de la Barbanne – a discreet, elegant and stylish place located only 3 km from downtown Saint-Emilion. Midway between Bordeaux and Bergerac.

concerto red wine from clos de la barbanne

And when I say wonderful I genuinely mean wonderful – and that is coming from me – a person who totally dislikes red wine and would have a white wine or even a rose rather than a red anytime any day – this is one red wine I thoroughly enjoyed very very much!

red concerto wine with fine fruits and cheese

B&W on Hamsptead Heath

One of my favourite places in London is Hampstead Heath, the park/ heath in North London – there’s one spot that has an amazing view over London. Hampstead Heath park green open spaces, lots of water, dogs and horses and a lovely piece of idyllic country in one of the biggest and most urban cities in the world. Here are some pictures from our last visit to Hampstead Heath:

hampstead heath, hampstead heath walks, north london

hampstead heath, hampstead heath walks, north london

hampstead heath park, hampstead heath walks, north london park

Hampstead Heath walks are lovely, its obviously much busier in the summer but I love early spring walks as well – the trees are still bare but you can still see blossoms coming up and sense that Summer is on it’s way.

hampstead heath park, hampstead heath walks, north london parks

hampstead heath park, hampstead heath walks, north london park

hampstead heath park, hampstead heath walks, north london park

my first lomo pictures

I haven’t really being taking lomo pictures very long, I’m only on about my 12th roll of film right now (and have sent the last 6 off for development, so not got those back yet) – so am definitely a total lomography beginner still…

Here are some of my older pictures from some of my first roles:

35mm lomo photo diana f+ 35mm back

This was my first role of 35mm film put into my Diana F+ (bright pink obviously) – I made the mistake of going for 200 iso film – when I’d been previously playing with 400 iso and not taking that into consideration…boo!

35mm back on Diana F+ pink camera