Friends in Parks

Friends in Parks.

Beautiful people, happy faces.

Happy words, happy memories.

analogue photo regents park friends pentax k1000 35mm

Beautiful people with beautiful light leaks…

pentax k1000 summer park london analogue photo 35mm

Old friends in new places, new friends in old places.

analogue photo regents park friends pentax london k1000 35mm


is lomography any good?

Righty-ho, so I’ve been trying out this whole lomo thing for a while now – and with different cameras and different films – I try b&w film (Ilford) and colour (mainly Kodak and Fuji superia), I’ve tried different ISO speed films – 100, 200, 400 and 800 so far, I’ve tried the Lomo LC-A, the Lomo DianaF+ (both with 120 film and 35mm film) and the Holga…

How has it been so far?

– pretty hard going – at least I’d photographed with film in the past (a long time ago) but even then it’s hard to get used to not really having a focus, needing to really estimate the light, trying to figure out how long you’re gonna keep the lens open for (especially when it’s as manual as the DianaF+ and you have it as long as you feel like)…”don’t think, just shoot?” – it’s harder than it sounds!

– pretty awesome – once you’ve got the hang of it and after you’ve most likely ‘wasted’ a whole bunch of films (too dark, too blurry, no-idea-what-that-was-supposed-to-be…)

– sooo satisfactory – when you start getting the hang of it you’ll start loving it. You send the films off to be developed and you simple can’t wait to get them back – the anticipation builds and you’re like a little kid on Christmas morning when the processed film gets back to you…

– totally addictive – your friends will start getting annoyed with the fact you’re constantly carrying these weird big plastic cameras around and accuse you of being a total wannabe hipster or shoreditch-dickhead, but you just can’t help yourself…

And if you’re anything like me, it will totally get you back into shooting film again – I’m now totally hooked on the pentax analogue SLR – it weighs a ton and I’m constantly schlepping spare rolls of film, but its so worth it!!